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Whether you travel by train, car or airplane, Kitzbühel is easily accessible.


The short way to the Heart of the Alps!

The perfect location and accessibility as well as the short distances within Kitzbühel characterise the “Gamsstadt” in the Tyrolean Heart of the Alps. Convince yourself and be surprised by the extraordinary and at the same time sympathetic video. Kitzbühel – “Don't dream it, book it.”

How to get here

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The Legend.

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Weather forecast for the Kitzbühel Region

Today’s weather forecast

  • Early Morning
    17 °C
  • Noon Midday
    23 °C
  • Evening Evening
    20 °C

Extended forecast

  • Tomorrow Tomorrow
    Il cielo si presenta prevalentemente poco o parzialmente nuvoloso per tutta la giornata. °C
  • Day after tomorrow 23.07.2019
    Il sole splende per l'intera giornata e le nuvole non si fanno mai vedere. °C
  • 24.07.2019 24.07.2019
    Il sole splende per l'intera giornata e le nuvole non si fanno mai vedere. °C

The Legend.

Hotline +43 5356 66660

Search for events in Kitzbühel

Events in Kitzbühel have their own rhythm. The good thing about Kitzbühel is that you can enjoy yourself at your own pace by choosing one of the many legendary events that’s just right for you.


Live images from Kitzbühel

The Kitzbüheler Horn mountain is a true paradise in winter. Skiers and snowboarders love to come here to enjoy the best groomed slopes you’ll find anywhere. However, the Kitzbüheler Horn is a popular holiday and excursion spot in summer as well.

The Legend.

Hotline +43 5356 66660

A winter’s day
Snowshoe hiking
A winter’s day
Relax with Alpine Curling
Off-Piste with professionals
Freeriding in Kitz

Alpine Curling in and around Kitz

A fun and sociable winter sport for both young and old – one that requires concentration, skill and the use of clever tactics.


It’s not just the snow crunching under the feet of winter hikers that makes a pleasant sound – a stock that goes flying across the frozen ice of a lake also sounds wonderful when it smashes into another stock and knocks it out of place.

Alpine Curling isn’t quite as old as snowshoe hiking, but it does date way back to the 13th century in Scandinavia.
In Alpine Curling, two teams try to shoot their stocks as close as possible to a target (German: Daube) in the form of a small, moveable wooden cube placed on the ice.


In terms of moving their own and displacing the other team’s stocks, players have to be accurate, have strong levels of concentration and be able to judge distances.

However, they also need to employ the right tactics – and the best way to discuss and analyse such tactics is over a glass of mulled wine.
In other words, the most important thing to remember when you’re playing Alpine Curling is to have fun in the great outdoors with your family and friends!


The Mercedes Benz Sportpark in Kitzbühel is home to the Austrian Curling Centre, which is the only curling hall in Austria. The hall is used for training and matches for all generations, and it also hosts top-class tournaments and championships, including the Austrian State Curling Championships.

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All Alpine Curling venues

  • Mercedes Benz Sportpark Kitzbühel
  • Natureisstockbahn Alpenhotel am Schwarzsee Kitzbühel
  • Natureisstockbahn Gieringer Weiher Reith
  • Eisstockbahn Aurach
  • Eisstockbahn Jochberg
  • Eisstockbahn Reith

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