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Whether you travel by train, car or airplane, Kitzbühel is easily accessible.


The short way to the Heart of the Alps!

The perfect location and accessibility as well as the short distances within Kitzbühel characterise the “Gamsstadt” in the Tyrolean Heart of the Alps. Convince yourself and be surprised by the extraordinary and at the same time sympathetic video. Kitzbühel – “Don't dream it, book it.”

How to get here

You’ll find detailed travel options and a route planner at the following link:

The Legend.

Hotline +43 5356 66660

Weather forecast for the Kitzbühel Region

Today’s weather forecast

  • Early Morning
    17 °C
  • Noon Midday
    23 °C
  • Evening Evening
    20 °C

Extended forecast

  • Tomorrow Tomorrow
    Il cielo si presenta prevalentemente poco o parzialmente nuvoloso per tutta la giornata. °C
  • Day after tomorrow 23.07.2019
    Il sole splende per l'intera giornata e le nuvole non si fanno mai vedere. °C
  • 24.07.2019 24.07.2019
    Il sole splende per l'intera giornata e le nuvole non si fanno mai vedere. °C

The Legend.

Hotline +43 5356 66660

Search for events in Kitzbühel

Events in Kitzbühel have their own rhythm. The good thing about Kitzbühel is that you can enjoy yourself at your own pace by choosing one of the many legendary events that’s just right for you.


Live images from Kitzbühel

The Kitzbüheler Horn mountain is a true paradise in winter. Skiers and snowboarders love to come here to enjoy the best groomed slopes you’ll find anywhere. However, the Kitzbüheler Horn is a popular holiday and excursion spot in summer as well.

The Legend.

Hotline +43 5356 66660

Family excursion
Discover the Wildlife Park
Family excursion
Hiking through lush Alpine meadows
Family excursion

Pleasant hiking along rivers and streams, over gentle hills and past forests. Whenever the mood strikes you or your family, you can stop and sit down for a rest on one of the many benches along the way. Take your time and enjoy the fresh air and peace and quiet as you experience pure relaxation.

Spend some time in the valley, enjoy the countryside and feel the magic of the mountains all around you and Kitzbühel.

Meter up
437 m
7.71 km

Erbhof farms hike to Aurach Wildlife Park

“I actually don’t really like taking walks because it’s pretty boring. But mum told me that hiking is very different to going for walks and she promised me that the hike we were going to take that day would be anything but boring.

The breakfast in the hotel was great and it didn’t take long to finish eating, which was good because I really wanted to get going. We started walking towards Oberaurach. I found a hiking stick along the way and I’m going to keep it; it’s fun and it helps a lot when you’re hiking.

We then got to the first ‘Erbhof’ farm – which is really just a farm that’s been in the same family for generations. I think it’s great when families stick together like that. The farm is really old – it was built in 1569, back when the knights were still around. Some of them lived in the fortress in Kufstein, and we’ll be going there later. 


We kept on walking until we reached the next farm, or ‘Erbhof’. Mum was right when she said that hiking was different to taking a walk back home. When you hike through a forest like this, you see and hear all different kinds of things all the time. There also aren’t any cars to watch out for, so you can go wherever you want to look at different things along the way.

We passed Aurach Wildlife Park on the way back. We’ll visit that tomorrow, since there’s so much to do and see in the park that you can end up spending the whole day there.”      

Peter – 6 years old

I can learn more about farm life in the past at the Farmhouse Museum in Hinterobernau.

Nature + mountains = adventure.

From the Alpenhaus restaurant to the summit of the Kitzbüheler Horn (2,000 metres). The children’s climbing path (climbing like the adults do), a playground next to the Alpenhaus and a playground with a panoramic view at the Gipfelhaus restaurant at 2,000 metres – all of this will make for an eventful day for you and your children, who can also visit the Alpine Flower Garden and explore the world of flowers.  

Karstweg hiking trail
This unique hiking trail stretches from Trattalmmulde (below the Alpenhaus) along viewpoints formed by the forces of nature, taking hikers way back into the Earth’s past. Discover impressive cave-like structures created more than 450 million years ago as ponors (karst holes).
You can reach the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain by cable car or via the Panoramastrasse road.  

Hiking, excitement, fun

Hiking to the Sintersbach waterfall (1,298 metres).
The waterfall drops down 85 metres. The hike via the Drachensteig bridge and along the Sintersbach only takes an hour – and it’s an hour of fun, not least thanks to the playground at the Schradl parking area.
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