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Whether you travel by train, car or airplane, Kitzbühel is easily accessible.


The short way to the Heart of the Alps!

The perfect location and accessibility as well as the short distances within Kitzbühel characterise the “Gamsstadt” in the Tyrolean Heart of the Alps. Convince yourself and be surprised by the extraordinary and at the same time sympathetic video. Kitzbühel – “Don't dream it, book it.”

How to get here

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Hotline +43 5356 66660

Search for events in Kitzbühel

Events in Kitzbühel have their own rhythm. The good thing about Kitzbühel is that you can enjoy yourself at your own pace by choosing one of the many legendary events that’s just right for you.


Live images from Kitzbühel

The Kitzbüheler Horn mountain is a true paradise in winter. Skiers and snowboarders love to come here to enjoy the best groomed slopes you’ll find anywhere. However, the Kitzbüheler Horn is a popular holiday and excursion spot in summer as well.

The Legend.

Hotline +43 5356 66660

A winter’s day
Relax with Alpine Curling
Off-Piste with professionals
Freeriding in Kitz
An eventful day of sport
All-round skiing fun


Nature, the mountains and powder snow as far as the eye can see.
A fairytale-like dream that you won’t soon forget, as long as you pay attention to the rules of conduct when skiing off the slopes.


It is probably the combination of an athletic challenge, the wonder of nature and the feeling of unlimited freedom that fascinates ski mountaineers, off-piste skiers and freeriders.

You can easily head up to the mountain with the Kitzbühel lifts – and from there starts your thrilling off-piste experience. You can also start your adventure down in the valley by enjoying a more strenuous yet rewarding ascent with your skis up to the magical world of the Kitzbühel Alps.    

However, you need to be fundamentally aware of Alpine dangers if you’re to safely enjoy your free-skiing kick. 


For example, all freeriders need to be skilled in their skiing style, have the right equipment and be knowledgeable about the basic rules of conduct off the slopes.

And remember: never ski off-piste alone! The best way to enjoy freeriding is with a professional guide who not only knows where to find the best routes and snow conditions, but also always has some tips to offer on skiing techniques. 

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Essential equipment

Anyone who ventures into unsecured areas needs to have emergency equipment in order to be able to help themselves and others in dangerous situations.

This equipment consists of an avalanche transceiver, a probe, a shovel, a first-aid package and a mobile phone.   


  • Kitzsport
  • element3
  • Sport Etz
  • Schiladl Jochberg
  • Skischule Reith 
  • Überall Bergsport

Freeriding rules

Being able to enjoy unspoilt nature in all of its beauty and diversity is one of the greatest privileges there is. That’s why we are obliged to take care of nature and treat the natural environment well, so that generations to come will also be able to fully enjoy it.

Special forest and protected zones designated as such are therefore completely off-limits to freeriders.


Our mountains and forests are indeed a recreational area that we should fully enjoy – but we should also display the utmost respect for the plants and animals that populate them.

The latest map version shows the locations of special protection zones and other areas that are off-limits